For Passenger vehicles

Clutch Disc
(Unity Type)

Located between the clutch cover and flywheel, the major role is to transmit engine torque on and off, damper vibration in the drivetrain and increase friction performance.

Wide Angle Damper

Designed to correspond with high engine fluctuation in diesel and direct injection applications, the WAD uses a high performance damper to absorb noise and vibration.

Single Hub Silent Clutch Disc

This is specially designed to reduce gear noise caused at acceleration, deceleration and idling.

For Truck and Bus

Clutch Disc (Unity Type) - Large

With excellent friction performance and damper function, this disc is used to reduce vibration from the drivetrain and developed for use in large size applications.

Silent Clutch Disc - Large

The main function of this disc is to quiet noise and vibration from the drivetrain when under operation.

Combination Disc

Facing material is combination with organic and metallic material to improve durability.

For motorsports

Ultra Fiber Disc

Our special organic material made of high strengthened fiber works great under high temperatures and high rotation speed to accommodate the demand necessary in motorsports. The easy to use half engagement performance is commonly used in street and drifting applications.

Metallic Disc

The metallic disc has superior power transmitting capability and heat resistance. Due to our original lightweight structural design, drivability is improved and used in circuit and rally competition.

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