For Automatic Transmission

Dry Type Centrifugal Clutch with Pulley

Most popular in scooters, this clutch engages by means of centrifugal force when engine rotations increase.

For Manual Transmission

Wet Type Centrifugal Clutch

Once initial throttle has been applied, this clutch is engaged through centrifugal force.

Wet Type Multi-plate Clutch with Coil Springs

This clutch is used for shift changing due to its large amount of torque transmitted with low operating force.

Wet Type Multi-plate Clutch with Diaphragm Spring

The diaphragm spring gives this clutch superb lever feeling in a compact size component.

One-Way Clutch

The solitary purpose for this clutch is for engine start-up. The cell motor remains stationary during operation after the start-up.

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