Privacy Policy

EXEDY obeys legal requirement in relation to the private information and we protect the private information obtained in the service.

  1. We will prenotice or disclose the necessary subject in the HP when we obtain the private information legally after making clear explanation for the purpose.
    We will utilize the obtained information within a range of the purpose and necessity on the business.
  2. We do not provide the information to the third party without consent except the case legally ordered and we will conduct necessary measure required by law such as conclusion of the agreement for the usage when we ask or co-share the private information.
  3. We will take appropriate and necessary measure to prevent the loss, destroy, modify, and leak the information to keep the accuracy of the information.
  4. We will execute necessary action without delay when the person or party concerned requires disclosure, revision, suspension or abolition of the information.
  5. We establish the internal provision for private information protection and we will undertake prevailing the provision to all employees internally while establish the internal control system.

April 1, 2004
EXEDY Corporation

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